COVID-19 Shop Update

Hello everyone!

We've been going through some crazy times so just wanted to do a quick shop update.

• orders are being processed as usual but some minor delays in delivery may occur
• I am shipping on Tuesdays and Fridays for the time being

• I will be keep listing new stock once or twice a week as I luckily have a lot of previously new purchased stock to keep me going

• it is completely safe to buy online and receive packages

• if you're still worried, packaging I send parcels in it's new so just give it a wipe once you receive it :)


I am ok and healthy. I am lucky enough to be able to self quarantine as I work from home.

It might seem silly to continue to work but apart from this being my only source of income, the daily routine my job brings has been keeping me sane. In the meantime, I hope I bring some joy to your feed/screen whenever you need a break from all that's going on. :)

I appreciate your support!


Stay safe,

Dani xx